BARC Bylaws
BARC Constitution


Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management (KCDEM)

Club members are asked to consider obtaining Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management identification cards. This is by no means a requirement for club membership, but is a requirement for facilities access in an emergency. Fill out the application, then mail or fax to KCDEM:

Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management
911 Carver Street, Bremerton, WA 98312
Fax: 360-478-9802
Attn: Volunteer Application.


Frequencies – Island

Frequency Tone
444.475+  103.5 Club repeater
53.43- 100.0 Club repeater
147.60 ACS assigned 2m simplex for Bainbridge Island

Frequencies – Off-Island

154.965 Kitsap CENCOM
145.43- 88.5 Kitsap ACS
147.52 South Kitsap
147.54 Bremerton
147.56 Central Kitsap
147.58 North Kitsap
146.58 Medical Net
151.04 State Ferry


Island Color JPG, no ham information
Color PNG, no ham information
>B/W JPG, no ham information
B/W PNG, no ham information
Rotary Auction Color, no zone data
B/W, no zone data
Color with zones
B/W with zones
Chilly Hilly B/W

Getting on to or off of the island

Ferry About every 50 minutes, via Washington State Jumbo ferries. Check in advance for possibly long waits. Schedule and other information is available.
Agate Pass Bridge At the north end of the island, connects to the Kitsap peninsula. About ten minutes after each afternoon ferry arrival, this becomes totally clogged until ten minutes after the NEXT ferry arrival. Plan your drive to avoid afternoon rush hour.
Stop lights The island is proud of owning no stop lights. Yet. As of this writing, if you see a stop light, it belongs to Washington State and we disavow all responsibility.



From time to time we have run exercises using an emergency simulation program, which generates personalized disaster scenarios. This is available for anyone to download and use, and can be customized for pretty much whatever you can think of.